Abbott Art

Current Abbott of the Morningstar Abbey


Art is the current Abbott of the Morningstar Abbey in northern Arimathea. At the beginning of the campaign, he is the abbey quartermaster, and mentor to Floyd Fiftynames. Art takes Floyd on the occasional trip to Verl’s Crook, the nearest town to the abbey, and teaches Floyd the dwarven trade language, as well as communication techniques for helping people see things your way.

On the evening of Abbott Teris’ demise, Art comes upon the party being threatened by Faust, an agent for the evil Cardinal Nikolai. Knowning the boys’ value to Abbott Teris as agents of prophecy, he intervenes, allowing the children to escape.

Due to his actions that evening, Art is taken prisoner by Faust, and spends several years in the dungeon of the Arimathean Cathedral. When Dr. Ethan finally locates him, he enlists the services of the Order of the Abbey to free him. The party manages to do this in a roundabout way, being taken prisoner themselves and winding up in the same holding cell as Art, whereupon they stage their escape. During the escape, Art, Ethan, and the party happen upon Cardinal Nikolai’s quarters, where they discover an infernal summoning circle.

This knowledge allows Art, now free to return to the Morningstar Abbey and lobby the Holy See in Larst for the position of Abbott, which is granted to him, with no objection from Cardinal Nikolai. Art’s policy with the Morningstar Abbey is a return to normalcy, and for the most part, he does not participate in the Order of the Abbey’s adventures, or Church politics, though he does encourage the boys to deal with the issues of Nikolai, and with Doogal, who threatens Arimathea with economic warfare.

Art continues to take in wards to the monastary and apprentice them to the brothers. Most recently, he finds himself rebuilding the Morningstar Abbey after it is seriously damaged in a fire. The Order of the Abbey contributes financially to this project, and also clears out a long-forgotten catacomb which holds an Illithid Lich. After this adventure, Guy Furyaxe remains behind for a brief time to aid Art in the construction and rebuilding.

Abbott Art

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