Abbott Teris

Former head of The Morningstar Abbey


The following is the beginning of an occasional series wherein we profile an NPC in the Order of the Abbey campaign.

It seems only natural we should start with Abbott Teris, who was the first major NPC in the lives of the Order of the Abbey. Abbott Teris was the Abbott of the Morningstar Abbey, an organization of brothers dedicated to the faith who earned their keep by making wine and ale. As Abbott, Teris was in charge of the day-to-day operations of the Abbey as well as keeping an eye on the spiritual well-being of its inhabitants.

The boys saw Teris as a father figure, as they had all been raised at Morningstar since they were very young children. Teris was completely trusted as a father figure and authority by the PC’s, and that trust was both tested and amply rewarded when it came time to reveal the truth about the party’s birthright. The boys, along with Eric (now Bjeorn) and Zarin (also known as Linus), were all born in the same year, designated on an ancient zodiac as the Year of the Ram, which occured every fifty years. The Year of the Ram was often notable because of a world-wide phenomenon wherein an exceptionally low number of births occurred. In this particular Year of the Ram, only twelve children were born; six sets of twins (more information is available on the Year of the Ram by consulting the game notes).

The night of Abbott Teris’ death, he revealed the truth of the boys’ origins to Brix, Eric, Floyd, Guy, and Virgil, and bound his spirit to them via a magic ritual which allows the PCs to summon the spirit of Teris from time to time. The rituals also protect the party from select negative energy and massive damage effects, and enable the boys to stay in contact with each other via magical messages and the ability to see through each others’ eyes.

The party has summoned Abbott Teris sparingly, preferring to allow his spirit to rest in peace save for only the most important situations. Recently, while cleaning out a lich’s cavern below the original edifice of the Abbey, the boys encountered a magic image of a much younger Teris, who stood gaurd at the door to the cavern and warned potential adventurers and explorers of the danger that lay within.

Although Abbott Teris was only alive for a brief portion of the PC’s adventuring career, he has had a profound effect on their lives and remains to this day their principal father figure.

Abbott Teris

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