Brother Abel

Ranger and Guardian of the Order of the Abbey


Abel is a former brother of the Morningstar Abbey. He is a ranger, and occasional operative for the party.

At the start of the campaign, Abel was an errand-runner for Abbott Teris. He would often travel outside of the Abbey to investigate matters Teris deemeed important. On one such occasion, he took Guy, Floyd, Brix, and Virgil with him to Verl’s Crook as he investigated the recent activity of Owlbears in the area. While Abel traveled outside the town to investigate, the party discovered the Owlbear training facility and killed the owner.

Abel is responsible for facilitating the boys’ escape from the abbey on the night Abbott Teris dies. His role in this escape makes it clear that he will be unable to return to the abbey under Cardinal Nikolai’s rule. He apprentices the boys out to various adventurers so that they can learn combat and useful skills, and he goes on his way.

Abel shows up every now and again to aid the party as needed. He was present at the Battle of the Cracked Flagon, and has helped the party deliver messages and supervise various projects. One such project was Virgil’s attempt to secure property east of Virgil’s Hold. Abel offered his recon and diplomatic skills for a time, but quickly grew tired of the political game and turned the project over to subordinates. His whereabouts are currently unknown, but it is believed that he is operating somewhere out in the Western Aggravail area.

Brother Abel

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