Original First Gnome of the Fifty Gnomes; Trusted friend to Floyd


Ajax is a gnome who answered Floyd’s call to form an intelligence organization for The Freelands called the Fifty Gnomes. Since his arrival on the scene, he has grown to be a trusted confidante of Floyd, and has quickly risen in prominence in the political arena of The Freelands.

Ajax demonstrated early on his abilities as a leader to Floyd. Ajax is not afraid to make desicions, and although he is quick to act, he rarely does so without getting all the facts straight. Ajax is a bold, determined leader, but not a tyrant. He is sensitive to the job at hand, performing the duties that are needed of him. He does not display an overt amount of ambition, which ironically has led to his swift rise.

Shortly after his election to First Gnome, Ajax foiled an infiltration plot in Haven, providing the party with information that allowed them to get to the bottom of the case. Additionally, Ajax maintained a consistent correspondence with Floyd, keeping him in the loop on all matters of the Fifty Gnomes.

Not long after the Battle for the Basilica, Guy and Floyd visited the Executive Council of The Freelands.


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