Lackey of Cardinal Nikolai; Skeleton Puppet


Barris was a lackey of Cardinal Nikolai. He was often dressed in a black cloak.

The party first encountered Barris when he arrived at the Morningstar Abbey alongside Faust shortly after the rise of Cardinal Nikolai in Arimathea. Barris did not play a large role in the fateful events at the abbey that evening, aside from being a generally creepy presence. At the time, the party considered him to be Faust’s right hand man.

Years later, the party would encounter Barris again in the Bodian Protectorates as he made attempts on the life of Cardinal Aloe at Nikolai’s behest. The party tracked Barris down and chased him outside of the city, where they cought up with him, fought him, and killed him. On Barris’ person, they discovered a ring that allowed Barris to communicate with Cardinal Nikolai. Given the low resolution of the image, the party discovered they could prop up Barris and allow Floyd to impersonate his voice, and this would fool Nikolai into thinking he was communicating with his henchman. This led to a long, comic string of events that culminated in Barris becoming Floyd’s favorite hand puppet (Barris has since deteriorated to a skull and some black cloth).


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