Dark Wizard, Childhood friend of the PCs


Bjorn (formerly Eric) is a member of the Year of the Ram who grew up with the party at the Morningstar Abbey. As Eric, he was an unofficial member of the party who traveled on his own (with Samarid as a bodyguard), researching the prophecies and lineage of the members of the Year of the Ram.

As a child, Eric was not an especially adventurous figure. From outward appearances, he was a normal teenager. When things started to change at the abbey, however, Eric found himself thrown into an adventure he did not fully understand.

Coerced by the party to have his magical “fortune” told, Eric held the magic crystal ball that Elliott used to determine the boys’ magical potential. To his surprise, the ball turned an inky black. Before he could question this further, however, Abbott Teris interrupted the meeting and sent the boys away.

Later, Eric was involved in the confrontation with Faust outside of the recently deceased Teris’ room. Eric suddenly manifested magical powers that he could not explain or control. Frightened, he joined the party in escaping the abbey with Abel and heading to the Warrior’s Rest.

Eric spent the next two years conducting research, wherein he learned that Abbot Teris had bound his souls to the children of the Year of the Ram present at his death. Through Teris, Eric and the others could speak to each other from great distances, and as a group, they could summon the spirit of Teris for advice and counsel. Eric’s research led him to discover ways he could increase the benefits of this magical spirit binding.

Eric was a frequent presence in the party’s lives, meeting them regularly to share information. However, he considered himself not to be an adventurer, and had many brushes with death that he did not care for.

Eric was present for the founding of The Freelands, and served as an original member of the Executive Council. However, he was the first to abdicate his seat when he found the machinations of government to be not to his liking. Eric traded names with Bjorn, the dwarven general who also sat on the Executive Council, and retired north of Dreia to conduct magical research quietly. Since that point, Eric’s appearances have been far less frequent, and his demeanor has changed to become less outgoing and more hermetical.


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