Devious and Evil Former Brother at the Abbey


Elliott is a former brother at the Morningstar Abbey.

When the campaign began, Elliott was the abbey librarian, and the mentor to Virgil Deathbow. Elliott came across as a meek, scatter-brained individual. He frequently deflected Virgil’s requests to do magical research, until finally one day he agreed to help Virgil discover his potential in this field.

Elliott took the entire party aside and had them hold a crystal ball, which turned different colors depending on what type of magic they were aligned to. He was surprised and intrigued when Eric held the ball and it turned an inky black, but he was interrupted by Abbott Teris, and did not get to complete his investigation.

A few days later, Brixmore came across a necklace in Teris’ room that had a twist on it. When he twisted the necklace, he accidentally dispelled the magic that had blocked Elliott’s mind, and he rediscovered his old, evil self. Elliott immediately left they abbey.

The party would encounter Elliott from time to time, most notably when he kidnapped Virgil for an extended conversation about the party’s activities, and again when Elliott led a group of monstrous humanoids into Scar Canyon, giving them the treasure the party had just discovered, much to the party’s disappointment. The party encountered Elliott once more at the library of the Bardic College in Illrea, where he was again cryptic and sinister towards them.

Although he remains on the periphery, the Order of the Abbey consider Elliott to be a dangerous individual, and one that will likely have to be dealt with in the future.


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