Cardinal Nikolai's Lackey


Faust was a minion of Cardinal Nikolai.

Faust was first encountered by the party when he came to the Morningstar Abbey shortly after the installation of Cardinal Nikolai in Arimathea. It is heavily implied that his arrival means the end of Abbott Teris’ tenure at the abbey, but this is not implicitly stated. That evening, when Abbott Teris dies, Faust discovers the boys outside of his room, and he makes an offensive move towards the party, using a special magic glove that enables the use of multiple rings on one hand. At this point, Brother Art arrives to fend Faust off, while Guy sends Samarid after him as a more suitable distraction. The boys escape from the abbey and Faust.

The party encounters Faust years later in the city of Britewater, when he shows up by surprise at a meeting with Britewater’s bishop and Brixmore. However, the arrival of Malus foils Fausts’ plans as Malus engages Faust in a fight, and the impeding Formain invasion of Britewater separates the party from the two of them.

The next time they see Faust, he is in the Cathedral of Arimathea, aiding Nikolai after the party is taken prisoner and held in the dungeon of the cathedral. Notably, Faust no longer has his magical glove at this point (the party becomes aware that Malus took that after defeating Faust). After Nikolai leaves, the party manages to escape and engages Faust in combat. Guy manages to get a hold of Faust’s own sword, and kills him with it. The aquisition of this sword becomes important, as Faust’s sword is used to destroy Strom’s forge in the mountains, years later.

Later, Faust re-appears for a 2nd fight, and he is killed again. It is not clear whether Faust was re-incarnated, or this was an individual impersonating the original Faust.


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