Floyd Fiftynames

Quick? You can't describe Floyd quick. Floyd has fifty names, broseph. He is also a better songwriter than Mitchell.


Name: Floyd Havenshickle Ullrich Nicklepolish Fogerty Nipnipnip Eidelweiss Filtmore Sussantacher Dondlefizzle Greenbarrow Corknozzle Degrander Flippentumble Witzen Hollowhiller Kriddentree Meidentallow Quartzbasher Badgertailor Pommemander Yulespritzle Havendasher Breezefighter Culinator Obblepeddler Burrowmaster KaBong Hatcrafter Saucespoon Udenhollow Rickshaw Shadowblaster Wicktamer Bostwick Fellowhand Bashhit Tuladenfork Alphabetaxer Elf-friend Ropedryer Bellowsmender Twinklefoot Pipethief Grimbit Judenhaste Swistender Nozplaster Krisskslayer Fiftynames

Class (w/ Levels): Bard (8) Duelist (3) Fifty Gnome (5)

Str. 13 +1, Dex. 20 +5, Con. 20 +5, Int. 21 +5, Wis. 12 +1, Cha. 28 +9


1st – Dodge

3rd – Weapon Finesse: Rapier

6th – Mobility

9th – Combat Reflexes

12th – Improved Critical: Rapier

15th – Spring Attack

Bonus Feats (from character classes: Leadership, Alertness, Enhanced Mobility

Special Abilities:

Daze 1 / day

Message 2 / day (restricted to those in the “circle”: Guy, Virgil, Brix, Bjorn)

False Life 1 / day

See Through Eyes (restricted to circle)

Detect Illusions at will (as per hat)

Teris’ Circle: +saves to Death effects & negative energy; +2 vs. Massive Damage checks

Improved Reaction +2 (as per Duelist)

Speak w/ Animals 1 /day (as per Gnome)

Bardic Knowledge

Bardic Music: Countersong, Fascinate, Inspire Courage +3, Inspire Competence, Suggestion, Inspire Greatness, Song of Freedom, Inspire Heroics

Canny Defense (as per Duelist)

Trapfinding (as per Rouge, via Fifty-Gnomes Prestige Class)

Rythmn of Magic

Summon Instrument 1/day

Gifted Ear

Magic Hat

AC Breakdown:

Base 10 “Armor” Bonus (Intelligence modifier as Duelist): +5 (Insight) Dexterity Modifier: +4 (Dexterity; Magically Aided +1) Size Modifier: +1 (Size) Ring of Protection +3 +3 (Magic) Bracers of Armor +8 +8 (Magic) Robes +4 AC +4 (Magic) Titus’ Cape / Cloak Fighting Style +1 (Insight) Hat of Gnomish Legacy +1 (Insight) Necklace of Natural Armor +3 +3 (Natural Armor) Dodge (Situational) +1 (Feat)

Total AC: 41/40 Touch AC: 27 / 26 Flat-Footed AC: 29 AC in Beholder Eye: 22 / 21 Flat-Footed to Beholder: 11


Appraise +13 Balance +15 Bluff +24 Concentration +12 Craft: Puppets +7 Diplomacy +23 Disable Device +11 Disguise +12 Escape Artist +6 Gather Information +17 Handle Animal +10 Hide +12 Jump +3 Knowledge (Arcana) +8 Knowledge (Geography) +7 Knowledge (History – Western Aggravail) +6 Listen +13 Move Silently +13 Open Lock +17 Perform (Sing) +24 Perform (Flute) +24 Perform (Lute) +24 Profession (Puppeteer) +6 Ride +15 Search +22 Sense Motive +9 Spellcraft +10 Spot +7 Swim +6 Tumble +11 Use Magic Device +12 Speak Language: Goblin


Fortitude: +13

Reflex +19

Will +13

+2 vs. Death Effects & Negative Energy, +2 vs. Massive Damage


0 Level:

Mage Hand

Summon Instrument




Detect Magic

1st Level:

Cure Light Wounds

Feather Fall

Charm Person

Summon Monster I

2nd Level:


Cure Moderate Wounds



3rd Level:

Invisibility Sphere

Dispel Magic


Good Hope

4th Level:

Dimension Door


Freedom of Movement

Secure Shelter

5th Level:

Greater Heroism


Shadow Walk

Song of Discord

6th Level:

Heroes’ Feast

Charm Monster (Mass)

Spells per day:

0 Level – 4; 1st Level – 8; 2nd Level – 4; 3rd Level – 3; 4th Level – 3; 5th Level – 2; 6th Level – 1

Primary Weapons:

Rapier (+4 Wounding; Attack +18/+13) DAMAGE: 1D6+5 + 1 pt. CON (Crit. 16-20)

Dagger (+4 Keen High Elves’ Bane Dagger; Attack +17/ +13) DAMAGE: 1D4 + 2D6 +6

Magic Item (to be worn) slots:

1 Head (Current: Hat of Gnomish Legacy; +2 Wisdom; +1 AC; Detect Illusions at Will) + Hatband of Floyd Fiftynames (Summons Thrown Coins)

1 Ear: Earring of Listening

1 Eyes (Current: Goggles of Minute Seeing)

1 Neck (Amulet of Natural Armor +3)

1 Shirt (NONE)

1 Robe or Armor (+2 AC Robes)

1 Belt (Belt of Coin Pouches)

1 Cloak (Cloak of Charisma; +8 CHA)

1 Wrists (Bracers of Armor; +8 AC)

1 Hands (Current: Gloves of the Nimble Thief; +1 Dexterity; +2 Open Lock)

2 Rings (Current: 1 Ring of Spell Storing Level 1; Ring of Protection +3)

1 Boots (Current: Boots of the Jester; Click heels for 40 ft. teleport in random direction)

HP: 149 (2 Levels yet to be rolled)

Initiative: +7



Floyd’s Backpack has 1 large central chamber with four small, inner-lined pockets. On the outside, there are two large side pouches, and two small front pouches, one on the top, and one on the bottom. The top flap also has a large pouch. There is a secret compartment on the bottom. The backpack has strings that are designed to ergonomically fit onto the back, and six sleeves for attaching items such as blankets, tents, etc.


10 Fish Hooks (inner pocket) 1 Fishing Net (central chamber, bottom) Flint & Steel (inner pocket) Grappling Hook (sleeve) Hammer (left side pouch) Ink (inner pocket) Inkpen (inner pocket) Clay Jug (central chamber, atop fishing net) Manacles (bottom front pouch) Small Mirror (top front pouch) 10 pints of oil (right side pouch) 20 sheets of paper (central chamber, wrapped inside clay jug) Note from Gruth (wrapped inside clay jug with blank paper) 2 weeks of trail rations (left side pouch) 2 sacks (central chamber, placed on top) Sealing wax (inner pocket) Signal whistle (inner pocket) 2 lbs. of soap (inner pocket) Spade (left side pouch) 9 empty vials (bottom compartment) Waterskin (top flap pouch) Whetstone (left side pouch) 8 torches (right side pouch) Theives tools in Teris’ box (bottom compartment) College Clothes (central chamber) Winter Clothes (central chamber) Map to Uslov (bottom compartment) 4 Cure Moderate Potions (top front pouch) 11 Cure Serious Potions (top front pouch) 2 Bear’s Endurance Potions (top front pouch) 1 Cat’s Grace Potion (top front pouch) 1 Invisibility Oils (top front pouch) Scroll of Bear’s Endurance (right side pouch) Scroll of Levitate (right side pouch) 3 Potions of Mage Armor (top front pouch) 2 Potions of Heroism (top front pouch) Pegasus Statue (bottom front pouch) Wand of Scorching Ray, 20 charges, CL 10 Wand of Mirror Image, 4 charges (central chamber) Wand of Cure Moderate, 29 charges (right side pouch) Wand of Identify, 31 charges (right side pouch) Wand of Bull’s Strength, 12 charges (central chamber) 5 doses of Kingsfoil (bottom compartment) Eagle Feathers 1 “Wonderous Potion” from Elf Lab Ring of Fire Resistance 10 Hand of the Mage Crystal Ball (central chamber) Metal Man’s Mask (central chamber, on top) 1 vial w/ fluid (bottom compartment) 1 vial w/ Medusa blood (bottom compartment) 1 Necklace: Hand of the Mage Several pints of Naptha (bottom compartment) Several Pints of Lantern Oil (bottom compartment) Portable Alchemist’s Lab (bottom compartment) Medusa Head (in sack, tied to back) Tent (2 sleeves) Bamboo Bedroll (wrapped in tent) Winter blanket (wrapped in tent) Iron Pot (sleeve) 100 ft. rope (sleeve) 2 hooded lanterns (2 sleeves)


The Belt is a belt of coin pouches with unlimited carrying capacity for money.

4 additional belt pouches 2 Rapiers 1 Dagger

Money: 5,231 gp (FF) 10,000 gp (party) 3,500 pp (party)

Standard Prep Spells (based on time and availability):


Blur (2nd Level; 12 minutes) – 20% Miss Chance

Displacement (3rd Level, 12 Rounds) – 50% Miss Chance

Heroism (2nd Level; 2 hours) – +2 Attack / Saves / Skill Checks

Resistance (0 Level; 1st time used) – +1 to next Save

Other Individuals:

Blur (2nd Level; 12 minutes) – 20% Miss Chance

Displacement (3rd Level, 12 Rounds) – 50% Miss Chance

Resistance (0 Level; 1st time used) +1 to next Save

Party: Good Hope (3rd Level; 12 minutes) – +2 Attack / Damage / Saves / Skill Checks / Ability Checks


Floyd Fiftynames does not know where he was born. Since he was an infant, he had been raised in The Morningstar Abbey, a non-combatant, religious brotherhood in northern Arimathea, a southwestern country on a continent known as Western Aggravail. Floyd, along with his twin brother Guy, grew up at the Abbey and served as an apprentice to the brothers of the Abbey. Specifically, Floyd was apprenticed to Brother Art, the monastery’s quartermaster. Along with his brother Guy, Floyd’s friends are the other boys his age who live at the Abbey – the dwarf Brixmore, and humans Virgil, Eric, and Zarin.

When he is sixteen years old, Floyd learns that he and the other boys his age at the Abbey are members of a group known as the Year of the Ram, a select group made unique by the fact that they are born during an annual (recurring every 50 years) wherein births rarely occur. The six boys at the Abbey are half of the only twelve that were born during this year, and the monastery’s chief, Abbott Teris, believes that they boys born in this Year of the Ram cycle are bound to fulfill many prophecies about the upcoming fate of the world.

After the shocking news of his origin (compounded by the death of Abbott Teris and the administrative changes made at the Morningstar Abbey), Floyd and his contemporaries are sent off to various adventurers to begin learning necessary skills. Floyd is apprenticed to a minstrel named Titus, who starts Floyd on the path to becoming a bard.

After two years, their training is complete, and four of the boys re-assemble: Floyd, Guy, Virgil, and Brixmore. Eric remains on the periphery doing furhter research into their heritage, and Zarin is heard from very sparingly. Floyd begins adventuring with his brother and their two friends, whereupon they almost immediately fall into some serious business.

Floyd’s exploits become known far and wide largely due to Floyd himself, who is a prolific songwriter and talented performer. Floyd tells the tale of the self-christened “Order of the Abbey,” through songs, storytelling, and an on-going puppet musical.

Floyd eventually becomes a licensed bard at the now defunct Bardic College of the nation of Illrea, and he is a founding member and author of the bylaws of the League of Bards and Skalds, a branch of an Adventurer’s Guild formed after the epic Battle for the Basilica of Larst. In addition, Floyd is a founding member and original Executive Council Member of The Freelands, a democratic nation founded in the former anarchic Twilight Lands. Floyd has since resigned his position on the Council, finding the life of a statesman and politician unsuitable to him, although he has retained his position as the Fiftieth Gnome of the Fifty Gnomes, an intelligence and operatives organization founded in The Freelands by Floyd to be an agency for The Freelands and democracy throughout the continent.

Floyd is a devout agnostic, despite the overt religious symbolism of his birthright. He is a member of the ancient House of Bostwick, one of the original high families of Western Aggravail. Floyd tends toward a life of comfort and ease, and is more often than note driven towards adventure by Guy, Brixmore, and Virgil, who have aggressive personal agendas they wish to promote. However, despite this lack of drive, Floyd is an avid and eager swordsman, and enjoys diving into a good fight (particularly when it seems winnable).

Floyd values friendship very highly. In addition to the inseperable bond he shares with his brother and adventuring companions, he has found many friends and like souls in the Fifty Gnomes’ organization, including Ajax, the original First Gnome, who replaced him on The Freelands’ Executive Council, and Scaramouche, his young Copper Dragon co-hort. In addition, Floyd is fond of Garam, Abbott Art, Bjorn (formerly Eric), Bricka, Pskenart, and many others. Although he occasionally comes to disagreements with some of his fellow party members (particularly Guy and Virgil), he views them as family, and worth overcoming any disagreements.

Floyd maintains an easygoing relationship with the ladies, preferring no hard and fast commitments. As far as types are concerned, he has a thing for seamstresses and laundresses.

Floyd actively dislikes very few people, and when he does, it’s usually because they have done something to deserve it. Floyd was once the victim of identity theft when another Gnome bard named Mitchell played Floyd’s songs and claimed them for his own, but Floyd managed to eventually deal with the Mitchell situation without need for bloodshed. In addition, Floyd has no love for followers of the lizardfolk’s pagan god Krissk, finding them unreasonably difficult to talk to. He finds Centaurs haughty, religious types hypocritical, and Gruth to be a major d-bag.

Floyd’s eventual ambition is to retire as the greates adventurer / entertainer who ever lived. He has designs on the purchase and renovation of The Cracked Flagon, an inn in the unincorporated part of The Freelands, as it was the site of many fond memories. He plans to remain with the Fifty Gnomes organization, and to enjoy good food, fun, and cheer for as many days as he has.

Floyd Fiftynames

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