Doogal's Chief Henchman, Major Douchebag


Gruth was the right-hand man to Doogal during Doogal’s attempt to take over Arimathea.

Gruth was first encountered by the party when he was implicated in the murder of Karina, Tolgas’ employee. Gruth was subdued and captured by the party, but later broke out of prison under the watch of Sheriff Drooley.

Years later, the boys encountered Gruth at The Cracked Flagon, an inn in the Twilight Lands. After defeating him, they were forbidden from finishing the job by Tok, the owner of the Flagon, who did not allow violence in his establishment. Gruth’s cronies took him to safety, and he slipped out before the party could finish the job.

For a good amount of time, the party always seemed to be right behind Gruth, nearly encountering him at the Old Mill and the Basilisk grounds (and usually finding abandoned henchmen in his wake). When they ran into Gruth again at the Shield Splitter Inn, he offered the party positions in Doogal’s organization, which the party declined.

Gruth brought a large force to the Cracked Flagon to interrupt a meeting of the party’s allies. There, he attempted to kidnap Sally, a girl with magical importance. When the party resisted, Gruth sent his forces into the Flagon (see: The Battle of the Cracked Flagon), destroying the Flagon in the process. Gruth did not participate in this fight, escaping on a black dragon.

Gruth would return to cause trouble from time to time, but he was considered a minor nuisance and a low-level priority by the party until he got out from under the heel of Doogal. Once he was independent, he began a criminal empire of his own. After the party established The Freelands, Gruth began a slander campaign against the party and planted a spy in the high governing ranks of The Freelands.

Gruth’s mercenaries threatened The Freelandian borders and burned down the Morningstar Abbey, forcing the party’s hand. They traveled to his stronghold in Verl’s Crook, confronted him and killed him. The party was unable to discover any major incriminating evidence against Gruth, however, and his mole in the Freelandian government remains at large.


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