Former Brother of the Morningstar Abbey; Douche; Blacksmith


Jarrod was the blacksmith at the Morningstar Abbey while the PCs were growing up. During their childhoods, the characters had few, if any, memorable encounters with him.

When the party returned to the abbey to free Samarid, Jarrod pulled Guy aside and informed him that he was a member of an organization that kept tabs on children born in the Year of the Ram. Shortly afterward, Jarrod left the abbey. His time there is notable because Garam had no record of Jarrod having been at the abbey, despite receiving a detailed personnel list from Dr. Ethan during Jarrod’s tenure.

Mention of Jarrod’s name in certain circles illicits fear and distrust. Orin, one of the members of the Fellowship of the Golden Eagle, discovered that Jarrod had placed secret arcane marks on the arms of the party members through which he could listen and keep track of their activities. The boys promptly had these marks removed when it became clear that they could not count on Jarrod as an ally.

Since a terse encounter with him in Larst, the boys have heard little of Jarrod or his organization.


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