Fearsome Two-Weapon Fighter


Zarin (also known as Linus) is a human born in the Year of the Ram and raised at the Morningstar Abbey. Zarin’s fate is vastly different from the Guy, Floyd, Virgil, Brixmore, and Eric. He does not participate in the party’s adventures, and is seen sparingly. Zarin is Virgil’s twin brother.

At the beginning of the campaign, the boys know Zarin as a youth about their age at the abbey who likes to wander off into the forest by himself and be alone. One day, he encounters Virgil, and shows him two identical, fancy-looking longswords he found in a nearby cave. After Virgil becomes very interested in the swords, Zarin suddenly becomes very guarded and savagely beats Virgil, leaving him bloodied and unconsious. Zarin promptly runs away from the abbey, and is not seen again for a very long time.

A couple of years later, Eric runs into Zarin and tells the party. The party goes to Dreia to find him, but exchange only brief words about Zarin’s status as a member of the Year of the Ram. Contrary to Eric’s claims, Zarin tells the boys that he and Eric have had social contact in the last two years.

The next time the party encounters Zarin is when they are all taken prisoner by Cardinal Nikolai in the cathedral of Arimathea. There, Zarin does not respond to his own name, but instead refers to himself as Linus. Having been separated from his swords, he is desperate to get them back. When the party breaks free from Nikolai’s clutches, Zarin promptly finds his swords and leaves the party on its own.

Zarin responds to the party’s call and fights Gruth’s army at the Battle of the Cracked Flagon, but he does not stick around for the aftermath. The next time the party encounters Zarin, he is living in Jottenheim among the barbarians, where he has become their chieftain. Guy challenges Zarin to a weapon-less fight, which Zarin manages to win. They exchange their respects, and move on.

Although the party has not had contact with Zarin since then, there is little doubt he is alive and growing in power.


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