The Morningstar Abbey

The Morningstar Abbey is the home of a small monastic brotherhood in northern Arimathea, a country on the southwest side of the continent known as Western Aggravail.

The Morningstar Abbey is devoted to the teachings of and exists under the umbrella of The Universal Church. The Church has the power to appoint the Abbott of the monastary. In spite of the Church’s oversight, the abbey is self-sufficient, earning income through the production of wine and select spirits.

The Morningstar Abbey is most famous as the childhood home of the Order of the Abbey, a group of adventurers whose exploits are known throughout the continent. The key leaders of the Order of the Abbey, along with two other boys, were gathered at the abbey and raised by Abbott Teris, due to the significance surrounding their lineage in the Year of the Ram.

The Abbey’s current Abbott is Abbott Art, a former quartermaster. The abbey continues to take in wards and raise them, apprenticing them to the brothers so that they might learn trades.

Recently, the Abbey was significantly damaged in a fire that exposed a long-hidden catacomb wherein an Illithid Lich performed genetic experiments. The lich was defeated and destroyed by the Order of the Abbey, whereupon they discovered a hidden piece of Visgoth’s soul.

Notable Former Residents of the Morningstar Abbey:

Abbott Teris

Abbott Art

Brother Samarid

Brother Elliott

Brother Abel

Brother Terry

Brother Jarrod

Brother Felix

Brother Mark

Dr. Ethan

Guy Furyaxe

Floyd Fiftynames


Virgil Deathbow

Bjorn (formerly Eric)




The Morningstar Abbey

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